Intro A VPN is a service that allows you to mask your real IP, download torrents without any bans, and get access to geo-restricted content. And while the most popular ones cost money, today, we’ll try to find the best free VPN for Mac for a regular user. Thanks to the ever-rising competition, in 2019, you can get several free Virtual Private Networks that are equally secure, reliable, fast, and anonymous. Let us take a look at those right now.

What Is The Best Free VPN for Mac?

As we just said, speed, security, stability, and privacy are the key features of any good VPN. At the same time, it needs to be noted that free products come with a series of limitations. First of all, you won’t get the full set of features with the free version of a paid product. Secondly, most of the time, free VPNs come with data caps (starting from 500MB and all the way up to 10GB). And finally, it’s not rare for a free service to collect your personal info and share it with third parties. Don’t worry: we’re not talking about government agencies and hackers – only companies that want to sell their product. So, get ready for a massive flow of ads. Next, we have a list of the best Mac VPNs that come 100% charge-free.

Top Free VPN Services For Mac

VPN guard for mac

There are dozens of free VPNs on the market; however, the following products are significantly better than any of the competition. Our experts tested the most popular free solutions and concluded that Hotspot Shield, Betternet, and Windscribe offer more security, performance, and are all-around greater picks.

How To Use Premium VPN Service for Free? Before we get to the VPNs and help you find a free VPN for Mac that suits you best, let us tell you about free trials and MBG (Money-Back Guarantee). Most industry-leading commercial services come with a 30-day MBG. With it, you can get a refund at any time during those 30 days. A free trial, in turn, won’t even cost you a penny. But, you should remember to cancel the automatic subscription; otherwise, you will be charged once the trial is over. Here are the VPNs with the most generous (7-day) free trials:

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • VyprVPN ProtonVPN
  • HideMyAss

And here are the VPNs with a 30-day MBG:

  • ExpressVPN PureVPN (also has a 3-day “free” trial that costs $2.5)
  • PrivateVPN

Hotspot Shield for Mac

Hotspot Shield for Mac

Unless you’re planning on doing heavy torrenting and streaming, Hotspot Shield’s free version will be an excellent pick. With it, you’ll be able to access geo-restricted content around the globe, and the VPN will protect your device with industry-leading security protocols. P2P is officially supported, but, since there’s a very limited bandwidth (only 500MB per month), torrenting is not an option.

If you’re a regular user that doesn’t need VPN protection 24/7, Hotspot Shield will be quite alright. This free Mac VPN doesn’t keep any logs, comes with a built-in Kill Switch, and provides decent connection speeds.

Betternet for Mac

Betternet for Mac

First of all, Betternet offers the users of the free version unlimited bandwidth. That means you can download as many torrents as you want. Also, you’ll get access to 10 servers (server locations), which is quite generous for a free VPN. The bad news is – for the company to stay afloat, the owners work with third parties and “attack” the users with tons of ads (you’ll be asked to watch them or install some apps).

You’ll also be able to access geo-restricted content on popular US- and UK-based websites. The experience might not be perfect, but, again, for a 100 charge-free service, Betternet is fantastic.

Windscribe for Mac

Windscribe VPN for Mac

With 10GB of free traffic per month, no logging, excellent protection, and streaming features, Windscribe is the best pick for an average user. The interface might require some getting used to, but apart from that, this VPN is terrific. It is available on all major platforms and comes with a firewall. Privacy, connection speeds, and security are also on par with the leaders of the industry.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, we are happy to say that each one of the three VPNs we just discussed is a decent product. While it is up to you to decide which is the best free VPN for Mac, they are all equally worth your attention. With Windscribe, you get the golden middle (10GB of free traffic, excellent security, and no logs). Betternet is a bargain: it gives the users unlimited bandwidth, which is crucial for torrenting but also requires them to watch ads.

And finally, Hotspot Shield is impressively fast and reliable. We hope that our recommendations will help you pick the right free VPN for your current situation. Or, better yet, take advantage of the free trials of the services we mentioned earlier and see whether they’re better than these charge-free Virtual Private Networks or not.

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